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35mm Film Processing & Other Services

If you wish to open a trade account please contact us

In order to use our 35mm developing and printing services by mail order you should

  1. Choose the service you require from the list below
  2. Put your film/media into a robust packet
  3. Download and print our Freepost label here
  4. Send the package to us enclosing payment CHEQUES payable to FOTOVISION or PAYPAL to suc@fotovision.org.uk plus your name and address. All prices quoted below include V.A.T. Please note that the minimum value for any order is £3.00.

For payment by Credit/Debit Card please Phone 01535 663529.

Mail order 35mm Developing and Printing Price List

For disposable cameras use 35mm price guide

35mm D&P 6″x4″

35mm D&P plus upload to C/D

35mm Develop & C/D only




Extra sets of prints 6″x4″ £3.49
35mm D&P 7″x5″

35mm D&P plus upload to C/D



Extra sets of prints 5″x7″ £4.49
APS D&P 4″ (All formats) £9.99 Extra sets of prints APS £6.99

Gloss or Matt

35mm D&P 8″ x6″  upto 28 exp          £13.99       Extra sets any exposure              £8.99

35mm D&P 8″ x6″  29 to 40 exp          £15.99

35mm D&P 12″ x8″ upto 28 exp         £19.99      Extra sets any exposure               £12.99

35mm D&P 12″ x8″ 29 to 40 exp         £21.99

Gloss only

Digital Services Price List

Available from digital camera cards, CD and all digital media
6″x4″ size   10p each no minimum order
7″x5″ size 50 prints for £7.99 or  20p each
Gloss or Matt

Digital Enlargments

 8″ x6″       £1.50

10″ x8″      £2.00

12″ x8″      £2.50

Gloss only

Film to Digital

Develop 35mm film plus transfer onto CD (no prints)  £3.99
Develop and print 35mm film plus transfer onto CD    £5.99

Transfer Media card to DVD/CD    £3.99

Reprint Price List from Negatives

35mm film to 6″x4″ Reprint  £0.69
 35mm film 7″x5″ Enlargement  £1.99
APS Reprint  £0.80
Full set of 35mm 6″x4″ up to 40 prints  £7.99
Full set of 35mm 7″x5″ up to 40 prints £12.99
Full set APS 4″ up to 40 prints

110 4″ Reprint

Half Frame 4″ Reprint

Roll Film 4″ Reprint

Panoramic 4″x10″ Reprint






Gloss or Matt

Enlargements from Negatives

7″x5″     35mm                                                  £1.99

8″x6″     35mm                                                  £2.99

10″x7″/8″     35mm                                             £4.49

12″x8″          35mm                                             £5.49

APS 7″x5″                                                            £3.99

APS 8″x6″                                                            £5.99

APS 12″x8″                                                          £9.99

Selective Enlargements – Add £2.00 to Standard Enlargement price

Gloss or Matt up to 7″x5″ – All other sizes Gloss only

Print from Print

6″x4″ print from print £1.99
7″x5″ print from print £3.99
8″x6″ print from print £4.99
10″/12″x8″ print from print £5.99
 Gloss or Matt 4″,5″ other sizes Gloss only

Other Developing and Printing  Negative Formats

110/126 (any exposure) 4″ D&P £9.99
Roll film 4″ Colour D&P £12.99
Half Frame 4″ D&P 1-28 exp £15.99
Half Frame 4″ D&P 29-40 exp £16.99
Panoramic 4″ D&P 1-28 exp £9.99
Panoramic 4″ D&P 29-40 exp £11.99
Mixed Format Panoramic Standard D&P price + £1.00 per pan print
APS 5″ D&P (all formats) 25-40exp £11.99
APS 5″ extra set at time of D&P 25-40exp £9.99
Extra Index Print £0.99
APS Failure £2.99 includes free disposable camera
35/110/APS/126 develop only £2.99
Roll Film 5″ D&P

Roll Film 8″ D&P

Gloss or Matt




Black and White Processing
35mm 4″ 1-27exp £9.99 extra set £7.99
35mm 4″ 28-40exp £11.99 extra set £7.99
35mm 5 ” 1-27exp £16.99 extra set £10.99
35mm 5 ” 28-40exp £17.99 extra set £10.99
Develop only 35mm only £5.49
Failure £2.99 includes free colour disposable camera
Black & White Reprints
Roll film (120) reprints £2.99
6″x4″ 35mm reprint £0.99
6″x4″ full set 1-27exp  35mm £9.99
6″x4″ full set 28-40exp  35mm £11.99
7″x5″ full set 1-27exp     35mm £15.99
7″x5″ full set 28-40exp £19.99
Black & White Enlargements
5″x5″, 5″x7″               35mm £6.99
10″x7″, 8″x8″, 10″x8″    35mm £8.99
12″x8″                              35mm £9.99
Gloss only
Print from Slides (35mm)
6″x4″ £1.99
7″x5″ £3.99
8″x6″ £5.99

Gloss or Matt 4″, 5″ – All other sizes Gloss only



Other Digital Services

Develop film + CD (E6/B&W) £9.99
Transfer from individual mounted slides 1- 10 60p each, 11 and over 40p each
Transfer from 35mm negatives (up to 40) £8.99
Transfer from 120 film £14.99
Transfer from individual 120 negatives £2.49 each

Helpful tips

Digital 35mm film is scanned onto CD at 1208 X 1024dpi in jpeg format
Higher resolution is available (double normal dpi) add £2.00
Films can be scanned in tiff format. Add £2.00
Up to 15 – 35mm/36exp flims can be put onto one CD in jpeg format
Extra CDs £2.99 each
Selective enlargements are available from digital media. Add £2.00 to the standard price

Standard D&P service is glossy 4″
For all other sizes and finishes please include instructions with your order.
Assorted orders may take longer especially ones that require enlargements.Wholesale35mm/24exp film (minimun order 10)
Disposable cameras (includes high impact point of sale – inimum order 10)
Please phone for current prices and quantity discounts.
Read our terms and conditions for D&P and digital services